Improvement Camp - Bike Park - 1 Week

Improvement Camp - Bike Park - 1 Week
From CAD CA$1,495.00
  • Duration: 7 Days (approx.)
  • Location: Whistler
  • Product code: ICBP1W
ZEP's 1 Week Rider Improvement Camp is designed for intermediate and up riders.This camp includes four days/week coaching with additional seminars included to provide a truly holistic approach to your training. Being a good rider takes more than just technical skills... seminars on nutrition, strength and conditioning, mechanics and suspension set up provide a fun, yet vital component to your training experience.

The comprehensive camp will give your ZEP coaches a chance to get to know you and provide you with drills and feedback to develop your skill set and riding style. No other camp in the mountain bike industry will provide this attention to detail and quality of instruction. 


  • How to jump consistently and with style
  • How to ride different types of drop offs
  • How to corner faster on berms and flat corners
  • How to maintain a stronger, more active body position
  • How to ride steeper terrain with more speed control
  • How to ride rock rolls with control and finesse
  • How to flow through more technical trails & descents
  • How to wheeliebunnyhopmanual or nose-wheelie (either for the first time or to progress)
  • How to become more efficientsmoother and generally more rad!
  • Learn from industry leading, PMBI Certified Instructors
  • 4 days/week, adult specific coaching - no kiddies!
  • Small group sizes of 2-5 people for quality learning
  • On Trail Video Analysis and Personal FeedbacK
  • Suspension Set-up Clinic by Vorsprung Technicians
  • Sports Nutrition Seminar by certified nutritionist
  • 5 day Whistler Bike Park Lift Pass included on one week camp
  • Full lunches included on Coaching Days
  • Welcome Pack full of biking goodies
  • Five Ten Pro-deal card for all campers!